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"Your Spiritual Due Date Has Arrived"
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"Your Spiritual Due Date Has Arrived"
by Lonnie Mackley
   My dear one, just like a pregnant woman who has reached the final days of her pregnancy waits in great anticipation for the imminent birth of her child, so you also have reached your spiritual due date and can sense that your time to give spiritual birth has arrived. You have gone from a long period of development and waiting, to now feeling a strong atmosphere of immediate expectancy and pensiveness where you know that at any moment you will feel your first labor pains and be called into a busy time of action where you must push forward.
   I would call you this day to finish preparing everything that needs to be set in order for the spiritual baby you are having to have a safe environment. What you have waited for has been a long time coming, but it will be well worth it once you see what I have been preparing deep inside you, and just how marvelous it really is. Even you have not yet seen the full extent of what I have been creating so deep inside you, but very soon all things will be made visible to you, and great will be your joy, and the joy of all who see this wonderful new miracle I bring.
   Even as a woman who gives birth has someone there to assist her during labor, I would also call you to ask for My help, and to trust Me to be there once your moment to give birth arrives. You have waited a long time to embrace the full promise of what I conceived in you so long ago, but very soon you will be holding this new spiritual baby in your very arms. I am birthing My power and blessing into your life so that many can be saved and set free. So My love, know that your spiritual due date has arrived now and your time to give birth has come.