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This Storm Will End
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This Storm Will End

My dear one, you have entered a time of great transition where everything is being upheaved and allowed to be destabilized. This time of great change may effect your finances, health, relationships, vocation, family, residence, and the ministry I have called you to. But know that these changes are meant to bring you up higher and not lower. This may feel like a fierce storm right now but I want to encourage you that this storm will end when I have accomplished all that is necessary to bring you up higher into this next level of service. These changes must occur in order for you to rise and to do everything I need you to do with the least amount of hindrances and distractions.

Even with My people in the wilderness just before they entered their promised land there came a day when their manna stopped coming and the normal lifestyle they lived suddenly began to change. All that they were familiar with and secure in became uprooted and they had to trust me for new things even as the old passed away. I am bringing you up to a new and higher level in every area of your life, and in order to do that I have to lift the grace off of these areas. I allow things to seem out of order so that I can bring them into the new place of order and structure that can stand in the new things I am calling you to. New wine indeed requires a new wineskin to put it in.

So do not fear My dear one, you will get through this challenging time and I have not left you. There is no need to keep second guessing yourself, or wondering where you have failed, this is just a turbulent time of change, nothing more. Be at peace and look to Me and My peace will walk with you and help you through this. This is your day to stand and to take your place in My kingdom and in this great harvest of souls upon the earth. Do not fear change because this is a different kind of change than in the wilderness. I am bringing you into My power and My blessing so that you can go into battle and defeat the enemy at every turn. So take courage, this storm will soon end.