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The Time Is Now

My dear one, I have worked with you for many years now to lay a foundation of obedience, faith, and righteousness; and now you stand ready to walk fully in it. There is no more time left to keep trying to get it right because you already know what needs to change, and now you just need to do it. You are ready to make these changes, so you must choose to let go of all that has hindered you in the past, and to fully cooperate with what I need you to do.

Believe that as you now repent, things will be different this time, and that you will not slip back into old ways like before. There are many changes that are about to happen in your life and you can either face them being ready, or face them being unready, the choice is yours. You are no longer a spiritual teenager in training, you have now reached a place of spiritual maturity where you will be expected to consistently behave as a spiritual adult from now on.

Very soon, there will no longer be a place for you in the wilderness, and already you have felt a strong sense of transition and change coming over your life. New doors will soon begin to appear to you, and the manna I have sustained you with in the wilderness will cease. You must now stand up and walk through these new doors because your future depends upon it. If you let go of the old things willingly, this transition will go much easier, so do not fight Me.

Understand my dear one, that even as you begin to walk in maturity and full obedience, that I will allow certain tests to come along in order to prove that these changes are genuine. I only promote the truly obedient. My power will indeed flow through your life, so come and seek Me more in prayer, and I will meet you there and give you fresh revelation and insight. So My love, do not look at things as being in the future any longer, because the time is now.