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The Prison and the Warden
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The Prison and the Warden

While in prayer, the Holy Spirit showed me a person, and then it is as though the picture zoomed inside to the heart of the person, and what I saw was what looked like many prison cells with many floors, and various people inside each cell. Then I saw the same person who's heart I was viewing as a warden, and they were walking down each row running their nightstick across the bars of each cell glaring in at each person inside. There was a look of satisfaction and contempt on the face of the warden that passed by each cell. But then the view zoomed out a bit, and I could see, that there was no door to the prison to get out anywhere, and the warden was also trapped inside. Then I saw a large golden key with the word "forgiveness" etched into it, come down from above, and all of the sudden it unlocked all of the cells, and dissolved the whole prison itself. Then the Holy Spirit explained to me what I was viewing.

He said; You have been hurt many times in life, sometimes very deeply, and because your offender did not apologize, or make things right, you put them into a prison cell in your heart. Now as an adult, you have created a large prison of people that you have not forgiven, and you visit this pain often, reliving the original offense, and punishing those who have wronged you, it has poisoned your heart, and interfered with your ability to receive My forgiveness. You have said in your heart, "When they say they are truly sorry, I will let them out, but not until then".

I would call you this day, to let these people go from the prison of your heart, even as I let your offenses go that you committed against Me, and others. I pardoned you from not only a life sentence, but from a death sentence. These people are not really in your prison anyway, it is only the pain and bitterness that you keep locked up, and that is all that actually dwells in each cell. You have trapped yourself inside your own prison of bitterness and resentment, and it is time to destroy this prison altogether with true and complete forgiveness. It is time to draw this poison and pain from your heart, and fill you with fresh love and mercy. Are you willing to trust Me, and My justice?

I love you so much, and it hurts Me to see you so hindered by this old anger, it has created many weeds in the garden of your heart, that steal energy from the good plants. Do you trust Me to bring justice at the proper time, or will you insist on handling your pain by yourself? It is time to clear the garden of your heart, and plant new flowers of forgiveness and love. I would call you this day, to pray for these people, and leave them to Me, I am well aware of their crimes. I have felt your pain, and I know what it is like to be betrayed and sinned against. But I also know, that all men are a work in progress, and that someday, they will give an account for all that they have done in their lives.

Come to Me now, and lean into Me. Let your tears fall, and let Me heal your heart. Know that I love you dearly, and I love those who have hurt you as well. Remember the great mercy I have lavished upon you. Grant mercy, even as I have granted you mercy so many times. Know, that as you forgive, it will free up much energy in your soul that has been going to holding your grudges. Know that your heart will become an open channel, free from all that has blocked it up as you forgive. Know that it is your forgiveness that releases Me to deal with your offenders. Now, instead of a prison, your heart will become a haven of love for all who dwell there. It is time to let it all go, let's go forward now.