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The Opposite

My dear one, your day to rise has come and now I will take you from the small world you have been used to, and place you into a large world that is greatly in need of My help. I will fulfill all of the words I have spoken to you and none of them will go unfulfilled. You will see and believe that I am the same God in the end that called you from the beginning so long ago. Now you will begin to experience the opposite of many of the things you have been used to all of your life. Now comes the great shift.

I would call you not to grieve over the Ishmael's you have lost, but rather I want you to start looking for the Isaac's I want to add to your life. Do not allow the blessing I add to your life to be wasted on the Hagar's of your past, but rather devote your heart to the Sarah that I have joined you with. This is your day to finally let go of all the old and to embrace the wonderful new things that I have for you. This is a day to repent of all behavior that has caused you loss in the past so that I can bless you with goodness.

Though you have lived in a small place I will now give you a large place where many can come and be refreshed and ministered to. Where there has been few family now I will give you a large family made up of people you will know for eternity. Where you have been poor and struggling I will bless you until you cannot close your cupboards because of the great abundance. Where you have been dishonored I will give you honor and I will vindicate you. So my love expect the opposite and be very blessed.