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The Great Day of Battle Has Come
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The Great Day of Battle Has Come

To My faithful soldier. Your day of rest and preparation has now ended and the day of conflict and battle has now come. I would call you this day to wake up from your slumber and to put on your armor and weapons, for the enemy is at the gates and I have drawn up my battle plans and I need to inform you of your place within the great army that I am assembling. This is a day to get ready and to come before Me and to listen. It is no longer a day to just look to survive in the wilderness for although you may not feel ready, I have given you everything you need to march forward and to succeed in the great conquests I am sending you on. Do not be afraid to step out into the unfamiliar because just as I was with you in the wilderness, so I will also be with you in your time of warfare. Your enemy has already been defeated, so do not fear.

The wilderness has become too familiar for you and you have become too secure in the daily routine of going through the job of getting ready to enter your promised land. The day of actually entering into your promised land has now come and it is time to stand up and prepare to fight, for I Am your strength and shield. I am now aligning My people and joining them together in their ranks and battle groups, for I have my plans sitting before Me. Come now and take a look at my plans for you for they are exciting and they will bring you new hope and fresh joy to go forward. You will not go forward alone and you are guaranteed success through Me so wake up my dear one and get ready to fight, for the conflict is already at the gates and the time to act has now come. So I would tell you again my soldier, get ready for battle, for it is already here.