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The Fruits and the Roots

While in prayer, I saw a vision. I saw a large tree, and on the trees branches I saw alot of fruit. Then, it was like my vision zoomed in on the branches and the fruit on each branch. On one branch, I saw large ripe fruit, and then on another branch right next to it, I saw what looked like diseased, damaged fruit. Then I saw Jesus dig down and expose the roots. He showed me good healthy roots, and right next to them, I saw what looked like rotten diseased roots. Each root seemed to be connected to a branch that produced either good or bad fruit depending on the condition of the root connected to it. Then the Lord explained what this all meant.

"In your life, you have born much fruit, some of which has been good fruit, and some of which has been bad fruit. Deep within your heart, lies both good and bad roots, that have developed both good and bad behavior in your life. These good and bad roots, have existed side by side until now. My Word, and My Spirit both produce good fruit in your life as you have been obedient to them. But because you have suffered harm, and because lies have been sown into your mind and heart by evil, you have been damaged and need to be healed. I know you have not wanted the bad fruit, and that you have cried out to Me for help. I have come now, to set you free from these lies, and from this damage completely, and I have come to heal you from the pain of your past.

Will you allow Me to expose the damaged roots of your heart to you? Will you allow My Truth to heal the lies that have stunted your growth for so long? Are you willing to cease to practice sin, as I now set you free from its power over you? Are you willing to be well? Are you willing to face your pain? Believe that I can accomplish all this within you as you cooperate with My work of transformation. What you have not been able to accomplish alone, we will now accomplish together. Where you have failed trying alone so many times, we will now succeed working together. I have allowed you to see your absolute need for My help. You now know in your heart that you cannot fix these problems alone.

Trust in Me, that I am the Master Gardener, and that I know exactly what to do to heal each damaged area of your heart. Once you agree, there will be no turning back. This may sound easy, but it will be very challenging and painful at times, more than you can realize right now; but I will stay with you throughout this process. I will take your hand and I will not let you go, even for a second. At times, you may feel alone, but I am still here. I am the Faithful One, and I work to heal and restore My Body. Trust that My intentions are completely good even though this may hurt intensely at times.

Know that as we go forward in this time of healing, that I do this to make you whole, I do this so that the evil one cannot harm you anymore with his lies. I do this so that you can fulfill your calling. I heal you so that righteousness will reign, and that all I wish to give you will not be withheld any longer because of sin. Remember that I am with you to the end, and that I love you completely and absolutely. Be courageous and trust in My wisdom, and in My power, and most of all, in My great love for you. You are My beloved Tree of Righteousness, and I have come to heal you, and make you whole so that you can bear all good fruit. Trust in Me, and you will see this happen before your eyes".