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The Finish Line

My dear one, I have had you running a long marathon of change and you have made good and steady progress. Now you are nearing the end of this part of your life and I am causing you to turn a corner and to see that the finish line is right in front of you. I am re-igniting your faith right now to help you to complete this course and to make it to the very end. Pick up the pace now and spend the last of your reserves to fully comply with the last few changes that I require of you to walk in complete obedience.

All of this work was meant to change you on the inside while I had the outside shut down, but now since that change is mostly complete, you will start to see the outside swiftly moving forward again. Keep your eyes upon Me during these many miracles and changes and remember the weak areas I have shown you about yourself so that you will not fall, but stand strong in the days ahead. This is not a time to sit down or to be distracted, it is a time to push forward until you cross the finish line completely.

My blessing has indeed come for you, but remember that even My blessing can become a distraction to you if you allow it. Also keep in mind that there will be people that will be jealous of what I do for you. I did all this in you and for you so that I could help others through you. Although I bless you, this has all been about Me using you to bless others. Always keep that in mind in all you do for Me. Behold my love, the finish line is now in plain view so run to the very end and complete this race with joy.