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The Button Pushers

While in meditation, the Holy Spirit showed me a man, he was handsome, muscular, with wavy hair, and looked like the perfect picture of a human. He had on a silk shirt and just gave a broad charismatic smile as I viewed him. All of the sudden, the silk shirt was ripped off his chest, and you could see all kinds of little buttons, kind of like the old time cash register buttons. People began to appear and push these little buttons, and the man kept trying to push them away, and cover the buttons back up with his hands, but there was just too many to cover with just two hands. There was one particular button that everyone seemed to want to push, and every time the man would get one person away from it, another was standing in line to push it again. The buttons seemed to be growing, and the man called out "Jesus, help me!". Jesus appeared and began to talk to the man about each button, and as the man kept his focus on the Lord, even though the people were still pushing the buttons, the buttons began to fall out, and there were little roots connected to the back of each button. The buttons just kept falling off, until it was no longer a big problem, or distraction for the man. Then Jesus handed him a new shirt, and on it said, humility, love, and grace. That was the end, then the Holy Spirit explained what I had seen to me. He said;

I have stripped you of your normal beauty, and allowed all of your fears and character flaws to become exposed. I have also allowed people to come and trigger these problem areas off, so that you could see what is there, and your need to fix it, and call out to me for help. I already know what is there, but you had to see it, so that you would want to deal with it, and be rid of it once and for all. As you put your focus on the people triggering the problems, you lost your peace and strove in the flesh to protect yourself, and end it. But as you kept your focus on Me, and listened to what I told you to do to change, these trigger buttons have fallen off by the root, and will not grow back this time.

Remember, that I have allowed all of this for your good, to help change you. I am not being cruel or sadistic as you have heard. I am doing this to make you healthy, you have asked to move in my power, and I am helping to eliminate any weak areas that the enemy might try to exploit, discredit, or hinder My power. Know that this situation will get better and better with time, and with each area that's resolved. I would call you this day, to surrender completely to My workings, and in doing this, you will accelerate this process of sanctification. Fighting Me, will just extend the process. Know that I love you, and I am working to help you to make yourself ready for all I have planned for you.