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The Breaking Point

My dear one, you have reached a place where everything seems to be at its breaking point right now, but I want to encourage you today that I am the God who is able to fix what is broken and beyond normal repair. Though you see all around you destabilizing I want you to keep your eyes upon Me and know that no matter how out of control things may appear right now, I am still perfectly in control of all that is taking place in your life. As you keep your eyes upon Me, you will also keep your peace.

Sometimes dear one, when I am about to do a miracle I allow things to become impossible so that all may know that I alone did the impossible in your midst and believe. But before I can do a miracle I must make sure things are truly impossible. Do not be alarmed if you do not have your normal strength or ability to keep things together right now because you are in a time of transition and many changes need to happen. So even though you are at your breaking point right now, keep trusting Me!