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Tell Them The Truth

My dear one, soon I will be sending you out and many people will be seeing and meeting you for the first time, and I would call you this day to be open and willing to tell people the truth about the good things I have done in your life. You see I found you when you were broken and helped you not only for yourself, but also so that I could use you to testify to this broken world of my desire and ability to help them as well.

Do not be afraid to be open and vulnerable because I am with you and it only matters what I think about you. Nobody can take anything away from you that I have given you. When you become My servant you not only take on My blessing, but also My reproach, so there will always be people there to criticize you no matter what you do, or don't do. So do not shrink back in fear or be silent, because I Am with you.

Remember that I love you so much and I approve of you. All of My children are at different places of growth and maturity and I see the finished person they will become. Accept yourself and also accept your brothers and sisters that are at different places of maturity and growth than you are at. Love and be humble. So I would tell you again My child, do not be afraid to tell people the truth about what I have done in your life.