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Take the Final Step

My dear one, you have done well and you have made good progress in your growth and work of purification and healing. Many things have been accomplished over the years and now you stand at the day of graduation and promotion, but first you must take the final step into complete obedience in the last things that need to be changed. This is your day to take all that I have taught you and to put it into practice by letting go of all old idols of sin and by fully forgiving all who have wronged you in the past.

You have clung to many things over the years because you were afraid and because you did not know how to fully trust in Me, but now you have reached a sure place of maturity and faith where you no longer need these things. Even little children are given much grace because of their ignorance and inexperience but sooner or later they must grow out of childish things and walk as an adult. You are no longer a spiritual child but rather you are a spiritual adult so the time has come for you to walk in it accordingly.

Do not be afraid to take this final step My child, for many good and wonderful things await you on the other side of your choice to fully comply. I have done all of this work so that I could not only trust and bless you, but more importantly so that I could flow through you in power so that many would believe and be saved. Do you remember many years ago when you asked for my power to help people? Well now you know what it takes to prepare for it. Go forward now and take the final step of obedience.