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Take My Hand

My precious child and friend, I have seen you fretting over many things about your life and your past and I would call you this day to stop your worrying and fretting and to do one thing; just take My hand. I want you to let go of all these other things that you can do nothing about and to do the one thing that you can do something about and that is to take My hand and allow Me to lead you forward into new good things.

I am well aware of what has happened in the past and that you have been treated unfairly in certain situations, but the evil one is trying to distract you with these old things so that you cannot see the new things I want to do with you. I have many new things and new people that I want to join you with but you must let go of the old things first in order to take hold of them. Has your struggling and striving changed anything?

Do you want to go on an adventure My child? Well I have an adventure waiting for you and all you have to do is to drop all of these other useless things and take My hand. Everything is prepared and ready to go and all you have to do is make the firm decision to step into the new and let the old go for good this time. Let go of your sin and the past for today is a new day of power and all you have to do is take My hand.