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Sudden Changes

My dear one, for a very long time now you have gone through your daily routine of working on change, and doing what I call you to accomplish everyday. But lately, you have begun to give up hope and like Sarah laughing in her tent you have found it hard to believe anymore for old promises long since given to you. But I would call you this day to be like Abraham and to hang on to your promise forever if necessary, because many sudden changes are about to happen in your life and you can either be found believing or doubting when I come.

You have done well and you have persevered for a very long time My dear one, but you have allowed weariness and unbelief to start creeping in and poisoning your heart and faith. Rouse yourself out of your apathy this day My love, because I am rising from my throne to come to you and I want you to be clothed and ready to meet with Me when I show up and begin knocking at your door. I have watched you closely each day My love, and I have been anxious to come and to bring much needed gifts and blessings in order to fully restore you.

Even My servants Joseph, Mary, Hannah, and Elizabeth, went on with their daily routines for many years, and some of them despaired of ever seeing My promises to them fulfilled. But then I brought sudden changes to their lives that rolled away their reproaches and turned their life around in a day. This too will happen for you, so put your garments of faith back on and get ready to meet with Me. I will surely turn your sorrow and sadness into instant joy, and I delight in doing this for you. So My love, expect sudden changes to come very soon.