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Stay At Your Post

My dear one, you have experienced some really harsh spiritual attacks lately, and because you are already weary from such a long wilderness journey you have been tempted to just give up and abandon your post. This attack will pass My love and you must continue to trust Me and to speak only what is right and true at this time. Steer away from all criticism, complaining, and condemnation right now, for it will only make your situation worse if you give into this temptation to grumble and cry in your tent.

Rather than attacking and threatening to break away from those I have joined you with, come together with them and pray to Me. Forgive and allow Me to freshen your faith right now. This is a time to draw closer to Me in faith, not further away in doubt. Rebuke the evil one and be willing to take the lead even while those around you are still faltering. Times like this will test your faith, but you must remember that this test comes just before a major breakthrough and many miracles take place in your life.

I want you to walk fully in My kingdom right now and let go of the ways of the world. In My kingdom we walk in complete truth in every area of our lives. In My kingdom we walk in complete love one for another and we build up, rather than tearing down. In My kingdom we walk in the fullness of My power where there is no lack or need because My people walk in complete faith at all times. Stand up this day My love and stay at your post even though everything is telling you to abandon it, for I am surely with you.