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Stand Ready!

My dear one, I have brought you to a place of full understanding and ability to repent, and to become completely prepared for all that I want to do through you, so I would call you this day to stand ready, and to delay no longer. This is your day to step out of old ways of sin that have hindered you in the past, and to step into new ways of obedience to go forward.

Even as a soldier in the military must be ready for duty, and ready for inspection at all times, so you must now stand ready. For I am moving down the ranks of all of My soldiers inspecting them and seeing who is ready for duty and for war, and who is not. You are one of My soldiers who is ready to take your place in My formation of holiness and readiness.

My sifting and shaking will only increase and intensify my dear one, so no one will escape this cleansing of My house. All people will be forced to choose in these last days which side they will fully stand on and you are now ready to make this choice today. So My love, come forward and stand ready for battle, for My great power and blessing await all who will do this.