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Stand Firm!
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Stand Firm!

My dear one, you have reached a place where you will have to dig in and stand firm right now. My help is coming but you will have to be tough and stand your ground until relief arrives. I would call you to repeat my word to yourself as you sit in your foxhole and to not retreat no matter how fierce the battle rages in front of you. I am with you and I am fighting by your side, but I want to teach you to persevere until you see your breakthrough, rather than giving up or retreating. Good character is built in some of most difficult of circumstances. Do not fear because you are guaranteed the victory.

Try to remember that you are not alone dear one and that there are others who are in the battle with you and who are on your side. Do not turn on your fellow soldiers but rather use my love and word to help heal their wounds. Though this is a day of great battle we are advancing and taking ground that the enemy has long since held. This is a day of great victory for I am the Lord of the battle and my strategy will never fail you. Be prepared to jump out of your hole when I give the command for we have the enemy on the run. Remember, you were born for this day so stand firm and victory will come!