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Something Special

My dear one, you have followed Me faithfully and you have sacrificed everything I have asked of you and withheld nothing from My hand, even though many of these things were very dear and precious to you. You have watched many pass you by and receive the normal blessings that people do in life, while you had to be denied in order to be prepared by Me.

Now the day has come My dear one, for you to receive all that has been denied you, and more. Now the day has come where you will not only catch up with those who have passed you by, but you will greatly exceed them in many ways. Even like My servant Job, I will not only restore what you've lost, but I will give you much more than you lost, just to bless you.

Do not be afraid to trust and believe in Me once again My love, because not one of My good words or promises will fail you. I know that it has been a very long time since you first received these old words and promises, but all I have spoken still remains. So though others have received what is normal in life, something very special has been reserved just for you.