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Set Your House In Order

My dear one, you have felt an urge lately to set things in order in your life because you are being prepared for heaven to come to your home. Get rid of everything that offends and get excited because My presence is coming to dwell with you in a new and more powerful way. Even as a bird prepares its nest to receive the new, so I would call you to prepare your home and life to receive all the new things I want to bring you.

Total holiness is a must now and I am helping you to persevere until you are truly a complete overcomer in every area of your life. Do not give up or get discouraged if you experience a setback because there is a new grace being given to you right now to overcome all that has hindered and distracted you in your life. Forgive and pray for all you have not fully forgiven yet because you must fully forgive and repent to go forward.

The grace is also changing upon your life right now where there will be little strength or desire for what is passing, but no strength or direction has yet been given for the new path. I would call you to seek Me My love in a new more intimate way because I desire for you to come closer to Me, and to know Me as I truly am. So My dear one, set your house and life in order and prepare to receive all the new things I am bringing.