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Salvation Explosion!

My dear one, for many years now you have cried out to Me for certain people that you care about to get saved, and yet your words seem to bounce off of them and they did not respond to the message of the gospel. That is all about to change my dear one for now these very same people will be coming to you asking you how to become saved because I am moving upon the hearts of many people and I am bringing in the great harvest of souls in these last days. You will soon see a salvation explosion!

You see, for many years I have been healing and preparing my Church. I have been pruning my people of all that does not bear fruit so that they could bear much better fruit. That is why you have not seen many salvation's is because I shut you down to fix your foundations so that you could stand when I built high upon you. Now you are ready to go forward into the harvest field and everywhere you look it will be harvest. In this harvest the fruit will even come looking for the harvester, so get ready to reap!

Rejoice and be glad for I have not forgotten about all those people you love and I have heard each prayer you have prayed concerning them. I have not been ignoring you, I have just been changing you so that you could succeed in the great day of harvest. You see, I had to not only prepare you, but I had to prepare those to be saved as well. I tell you that the harvest is truly ripe, so go and reap for it will be everywhere you look. Get ready for a salvation explosion my dear one, because here it comes!