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Right Where You Need To Be

My dear one, I have seen you struggling and striving wanting to get somewhere different on the outside than where you are at right now. But I would tell you this day My love, that I have been needing for you to get somewhere different on the inside first so that I can take you to your new place on the outside. I know you are weary of all this wilderness training, but if these changes are not made first on the inside, it could spoil what I want to do through you later on the outside. You will make it through this.

Even though you may feel like you are not accomplishing much these days, I am giving you daily revelation that is changing who you are from the inside out. You do not need to be somewhere else right now because you are still right where I need you to be. This long time of spiritual training will end one day, and you will be released into the things I have promised you. You gave Me permission to do this work many years ago, so I am just making sure that the changes in you are truly genuine and lasting.

You have been faithful and patient to allow Me to work in you so trust Me all the way through to the end, because there is an end. I did not make any wrong decisions in your past, so you need not keep second guessing where you should be right now. The evil one will try to steal your peace by telling you that you are off course, and that you have missed my direction somewhere along the line, but you haven't, so do not worry. Remember that I love you, and I will be faithful to keep you right where you need to be.