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Are You  A Loser?

   In this last move of God upon the earth He has placed many people into lives that He knew would be full of denial, restriction, loss, and many other things happening that might make us look like what people call a "loser". Then comes the wilderness, which seems to be a super-loser looking kind of life where all your junk comes out and you are even more restricted and challenge-ridden than ever. At times, you can even despair of life itself, because you wonder if things are even going to get any better.

   I just want to encourage you today that there have been many people in the past that God has used in mighty ways that have also lived a life similar to yours. They are people who have been treated with great contempt and disdain by those they truly loved, people with physical problems that greatly limited them, and people who barely had enough money to survive on much of the time. These people have been very often rejected, overlooked, and excluded. It can be easy to think that you are just cursed.

   There is one added element to your life, you are being prepared for the greatest and last harvest of souls in human history. So God has prepared many people who have been through the worst of the worst, so that He can flow through them with the best of His best. He needed people who had been wounded, and who struggled with certain types of sin so that He could heal and deliver them, and then send them out to help a world full of others like them. There is great wisdom in God's plan for your crazy life.

   There may be many times that you are tempted to just say, "What's the point in going through all of this? I might as well just create my own life because this is getting me nowhere". But there has been alot that God has worked out on the inside of you that you may not even be aware. God thinks long term, so He will make sure that all of the cracks in the foundation of your life have been fully repaired first before He starts to build high upon you. So be encouraged, you are not a loser, you are God's winner.

HEB 11:38 the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, and in caves and holes in the ground.