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Reversal of Fortune

My dear one, you have seen some people in your life receive and wrongfully take what was rightfully yours, and you have suffered much loss for the sake of the call I have placed upon your life. But I would tell you today that there will now be a dramatic reversal of fortune where you will see some around you lose what they have been wrongfully keeping, and all they took will be given back to you. Your days of stripping, sacrificing, and being plundered are over and the tables will now be turned in your favor where you will now be the victor and no longer the vanquished. Things will be set right.

But I would tell you this day my love not to gloat over the turnaround you will see happening in peoples lives around you, for even though I am blessing My people and correcting some others, I still do it to help people so pray for your enemies and those who have mistreated you in the past. My blessing will be vindication enough and some will come to you and apologize for their arrogant judgments and mistreatment of you. Be humble and forgiving even as I am humble and forgiving. I am pleased to make you the head and no longer the tail, so I say again get ready for a great reversal of fortune.