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When I brought you into the wilderness, your outward life stopped, but
your inward life is what I worked on, and changed. You seemed frozen
in time outwardly, while you watched all others pass you by in their
outward lives. You wondered, "How could I ever possibly be restored
after such a long period of being kept at 'just enough' to survive."

But you are thinking in human terms. My restoration is done by My Power,
and it is supernatural, and will be a super restoration. You will end up
much further outwardly in the end, than you would have been if I had let
you keep building in your old life. Even as My servant Job was
supernaturally restored, so will you be.

But do not focus on what is outward, rather, focus on what I am requiring
of you each day to finish on the inside. This was all done so that I
could prepare you to help many, and so that I could trust you with My
power and resources to meet the needs of many. Like Joseph, you will help
save and keep many in these last days.