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Rest, Flow, and Abide

I have taught you how to rest, flow, and abide. To remain at peace and following My direction as it comes, rather than rushing around in your flesh doing things in your own strength and losing your peace.

I restricted you so much, that you had no choice but to slow down, and learn to rest in Me for your direction and strength. This has served you well, and you have lived at peace and things have felt effortless, rather than burdensome to accomplish.

Soon, I will progressively be removing some of these restrictions, and you will have more of an ability to return to striving if you choose, but I would call you to continue to do exactly what I have shown you to do.

I wish you to remain at peace, and to remain doing only what I direct you to. This will be a great blessing to you in the days ahead. This will be a challenge at times, but you already know what to do. I always operate from a stance of peace.

So, continue to rest, flow, and abide in Me, as you enter this new freedom I bring. Apart from Me, you cannot do anything that counts anyway. Remain doing what I have taught you to, and things will continue to go forward without having to re-learn old lessons.

I love you, I trust you, and I believe in you. You are no longer a child, you are capable of walking in mature ways. You are held to My standards, you cannot do as others less mature do. Embrace the good work I have accomplished in you, and you will keep your peace. Remain submitted to My Spirit in all that you do, and you will keep your joy.