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Remember Me, in the New Land You are Entering
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Remember Me, in the New Land You are Entering

You have worked hard and done well, you did not withhold anything from My hand when I required it, although you were a little hesitant in letting a few of your more precious loves go, you still released them into My hand eventually. Now I in turn, will withhold no good thing from your hand. I will give you all that you need to take the land I am sending you to, only beware, you can only take this land by My plans, and by My power, and remember that all I have taught you must be adhered to carefully. You must remember Me in all you do in this new place, for your victory only comes through Me.

It is My joy to send you forward, I know you have waited long, and I have heard the sighs in your heart saying when God, when? Each year you asked Me, "Will it be this year Lord?", and you kept walking even though what you hoped would happen did not. But you saw with each passing year, that what you learned during that year that passed was critical to your success in your promised land. Will you continue to trust My timing, as you enter this new land? Trust Me that as I lead you forward, there is also a time line of things that must happen. You must not rush ahead, or lag behind, wait for My leading.

There are many in this dark place I am sending you, that have cried out to Me for years, begging Me to send help, and also asking Me, when God, when? In this time, I have been preparing My servants, and I have been preparing a secret Army to go and meet the need. To go and push back and vanquish the darkness that has enslaved and harmed the people there. Do not be afraid, at what you see when you arrive, I have kept My eyes closely upon this place, and I have a strategy for victory. Some of you, will be released in the very city I have hidden you, out of your caves, you will come. Remember Me, and trust in Me as your Captain of Battle ahead, and you will see success after success.