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Remain Steadfast and Faithful

My dear one, you may be experiencing some challenges in your relationships in the coming days and weeks, but rather than being quick to judge and rejecting those that offend you I would have you to remain steadfast and faithful to Me, and to those I have called you to walk with. In times past you have allowed yourself to become easily offended and you have closed yourself off from those that hurt you, but I need you to continue to be loving and accepting especially during times of testing and warfare.

If someone offends you I want you to come to Me in prayer and let Me speak truth to you and give you understanding as to the source of the problem. Pray for those that say hurtful things, rather than talking to everyone else about what happened and being cool toward your offender. The days ahead will have many opportunities to become easily offended so I want you to learn to be more forgiving and to maintain a true love toward those that hurt you. This is a sign of maturity that you love those that hurt you.

When challenges come I would call you to be patient, kind, and slow to anger, not to react impulsively when a misunderstanding arises. I am calling you up higher to a place where you have thicker skin when someone offends you. I would also call you to wait for Me to speak truth into your conflict, rather than just judging by what you see on the surface. By being steadfast and faithful during times of testing and difficulty you will maintain the unity and love that I have called you to walk in and show to everyone.