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Press Through!

My dear loved one, I know that you feel weary and spent right now, but I would call you this day to press through no matter what you may feel, think, or see right now. Do not be afraid to push hard on these last few contractions to birth what I have called you to receive so many years ago. Many mothers feel their weariest in the end but the relief and joy that they experience when the baby is finally born is worth all the pain. You too have gone through a long spiritual pregnancy, but your due date has arrived.

Give no place to doubt, unbelief, or apathy right now because my eyes are upon you testing to see whether you will step forward when everything else around you tells you to give up and that you are wasting your time. You see, when I speak a thing into existence it lives from the moment I speak it and it is up to you to do the preparation to grow into receiving it. You are now ready to receive what I promised you so I would tell you again this day to press through my child, and you will soon dance with joy!