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Prepare For Much Change
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Prepare For Much Change

My dear one, I am allowing your normal routine and schedule to be destabilized right now because I want you to prepare for many new changes that I am bringing into your life. There are certain things that I have supported in the past that I am no longer supporting because those works are now complete and finished. So I need you to not be afraid to let go of the old ways and works so that the new can come in their place.

Like a tree that gets pruned, so I am pruning your life right now and anything that has been sucking the strength and energy out of your day and producing little fruit, I will now cut off. Only you must not fight or wrestle with Me when I cut a branch off just because you like how it looks and have gotten used to it. I am pruning you so that you can bear a bumper crop of new fruit, more and better fruit than you can now imagine.

Repent of everything that has been hindering your ability to be used by Me and let go of anything or anyone that I am finished with in your life. You have been faithful and obedient in the old things that I asked you to do, but those old things have gotten too familiar to you and could interfere with the many new things that I am bringing. So My love, let go of the old and embrace the new, for it is time to prepare for much change.