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Prepare for Jericho

My dear Child, you have done well in your time of preparation, and you kept your ears and heart open to My voice. No matter what was going on around you, or what people said to discourage you, you kept your focus on Me, and made consistent progress in your everyday growth. Now it is time to begin what I have prepared you for, but there are a few things that I need to tell you before we go forward, so that you can remain in Me, and bear good fruit.

I would call you this day, to walk in all that I that I have shown you, and to have stability and consistency in the good foundation I have built in you. We are going forward, and I am happy and pleased to do this, but I want you to do what is right and walk in truth, even when you feel weary, or tempted to sin. There will be many days up ahead that will be very busy, but you must remember that you will only remain strong during a day, if you spend good time with Me.

I am sending you forward to your next assignment, and I want you to remember what happened in Jericho. They were obedient to My direction and they waited for My power to bring the victory. They marched as a group, and not as individuals. You need your Brothers and Sisters, to be able to win the victory. You cannot, and should not, try to do this alone. Keep your clothes clean, and keep your eyes and ears upon Me, and all the barriers ahead will fall.

You will see temptations along the way, but I have already trained you how to make the right decisions. Trust me, and practice obedience. There is no room for disobedience in the great conquest I am calling you to, for your enemy will try to distract you will old temptations. Cry out to Me and others for help, if this happens, and do not try to beat it alone. I trained you to walk in truth in the wilderness, so that you could live that way everyday in the promised land.

Your daily obedience will open the new doors to what I am calling you to do. I am leading you into abundance, and you will remember what it was like to live on manna, but you will not eat of it, anymore. I will heal and restore all that needs to be healed and restored. Though you have waited for so long, you will wait no longer. Open your heart and mind to the new things I will do, and be willing to let go of whatever old things that I say you are finished with. Look to Me.

Do not be afraid, if I was with you in the wilderness, how much more will I be with you as you battle to possess the new land I am sending you to? I have great plans to use you. I seek to show my goodness to My creation through you, so that they would know Me, and be saved. Even as a good son, cares about what his father cares about, know this day, that My heart cares for all the heartbroken, fearful, and needy. I hear their cries, and send you to help them.