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Pass The Test Now

My dear one, for many years now I have been working with you to show you some of the weak areas in your character and behavior that need to change. At first you thought that it was all just an attack from the evil one, but now you can see that there are in fact some legitimate problem areas that need to be corrected in your life. I have even used some people near you to help test you in order to give you the opportunity to learn to do the right thing. But I only allowed these things in order to truly help you.

The day has now come My love for you to go forward and these weak areas can no longer just be set aside. I have sent yet another retest and you must now master this thing, take responsibility for your part in it, and do the right thing consistently, so that you can finally pass the test and go forward. As you can see now I am not going to budge concerning your being fully prepared, so the best thing that you can do is just respond consistently the right way when the test comes, and you will indeed pass it.

Everything in My kingdom operates on the basic principle of love, and any thought, word, or action that takes place that is not mixed with My love is eventually addressed and transformed until it is. You have learned how to love those who love you, but there are still some that have not treated you right, so you do not show them love in return. In My kingdom we learn to show love to all people regardless of how they behave, and we always keep in mind that all people are at different stages of growth and maturity.

You have made so much progress already My dear one, and I know that in your heart you just want to do the right thing and live fully obediently to Me. I know that you have used these wrong behaviors just to protect yourself, but that is a lie. I will protect you if you really need it. I have planned to use you in a mighty way so none of these shortcomings can remain. How many weak areas can you afford to take forward with you? This is your day to pass the test now My love, so pass it and let's move forward.