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Overdue Pregnancy
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Overdue Pregnancy

My dear one, I know that you are feeling like the road you have been on for so long has ended and now you have run out of road and are aimlessly wondering around, but I would tell you this day to hang on because I will indeed lead you forward. You have been spiritually pregnant for many years with the promise and calling I have placed on your life but now it feels like the pregnancy is way overdue and you just want and need to have the baby born and I would say that your promise will indeed be birthed.

You must remember that I only allow someone to become pregnant with something that can indeed be born. What you have been carrying for so long will not be aborted but will indeed find life in this world. Rather than thinking that this baby will never be born keep in mind that you are closer now than ever to its birth and like a normal birth its delivery will come suddenly when you do not expect it. Try to be patient in these last moments rather than complaining and it will make this last time more bearable.

Though you feel that there is nothing left in you right now to hang on I would call you to come and seek Me. There is no need to flounder in despair when you can come and talk to Me and let Me tell you what is happening. Try not to take your frustrations out on others, but rather keep your peace if you are tempted to lash out. Read my word and worship Me and it will save you from getting into your flesh. I know you are weary of carrying this spiritual baby but your promise is not overdue and will be born.