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Neither One Of Us Has Failed
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Neither One Of Us Has Failed

My dear one, you have experienced some severe spiritual warfare lately where you have become discouraged because the evil one has been whispering into your ear and telling you that both you and I have somehow failed because there has been so many perplexing situations that took place in your life that seemed to end in failure. This is simply not the case My love, and neither one of us has failed at all. Reject these lies and hang on to the truth that My plan will always lead to good and blessing in the end.

I have allowed some very extraordinary situations to take place in your life because you needed to be prepared for the most challenging time in history. Your life has not just been a series of failures, it has been a series of critical lessons meant to help develop your faith and to prepare you for your very demanding future calling. Many of My people throughout history have lived lives that didn't seem to make a lot of sense at the time, but I see all that needs to happen in someone's life to fully prepare them.

If you read through to the end of many of My people's lives of faith they too doubted and questioned themselves and Me at different times, but also you can see in the end that neither I, nor they failed in any way. Many apparent failures are actually My plans for future successes through Me, so you can either choose to doubt My plans, or you can choose to continue to trust Me and see the great ending I have planned for you. Know this day My love, that neither one of us has failed, so trust Me to the very end.