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My Will Is Indeed To Bless You
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My Will Is Indeed To Bless You

My dear one, I have seen you question whether or not My heart is to bless you in life, and I want to make things absolutely clear this day that My will is indeed to bless you, and never to curse you. You have often compared your life to the lives of others around you and supposed that you were somehow cursed and not loved and valued by Me as much as them, but that is simply just not true. I have dealt with you differently from the very beginning because I wanted to shape your heart into one that would love like Mine does, and one that would walk in all of My ways, and not just some of them.

I would call you this day dear one, to turn away from all habits of disobedience that have limited Me from releasing My full blessing and power upon your life. What good would it do Me to take the restrictions away from your life and bless you if you are not yet ready to walk in full obedience before Me? What I have planned for you to do in the harvest will require full obedience, not just partial obedience. If you continue to walk in disobedience simply because you mistakenly think you are already cursed, you will only be creating the very problem that you are trying to avoid. Trust and obey My love.

This is a day when all of My people will be required to repent of all disobedience and walk completely righteous before Me. No person will escape My day of correction and holiness, so make the decision today to fully cooperate with what I require of you, and forsake all that has been hindering you from moving ahead. I will help you as you take each step forward to get rid of all remaining hindrances, but you must go beyond mere words, and take firm action. I can only steer a moving object. My day of blessing has come My love, so rise up this day and just know that My will is indeed to bless you.