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My Hand Will Move

My dear one, for many years now you have sought My face while living on only the bare minimum, but now you have reached a day where you will see not only My face but also My hand. You have been faithful to do what I have asked you to do every day but you have been severely depleted in the process and now you need to be restored and replenished. You have been very patient and long-suffering and now your day of blessing and abundance has come. You have been faithful with little so now you will be given much so that you can truly abound in every good work that I give you to do.

But I would caution you this day My love to be thankful for what I have given you, rather than complaining about what it seems that you have been denied. You have entered a dangerous time where you will have to guard your heart, mind, and mouth from entertaining the lies of the evil one. Even though it seems like you have less than others you are actually rich because I have given you the secrets of the Kingdom which are true and lasting treasures. So speak only words of thanksgiving and do not grumble dear one, for My hand will surely move on your behalf in not too many days.