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Look For The New

My dear one, I want you to begin to look ahead of you toward the many new things that I want to bring into your life. For many years now, you have kept your focus on a lot of the old things that you lost from your past during your long years of wilderness. But now it is critical that you let all of the past go, and that you allow Me to bring many new things into your life.

I know that many of these old things from your past are very important to you, and I have not forgotten about even one of these very valuable things. But you have held on to these old things so tightly that it could hinder the new things from coming to you. Let all of these old things go now, and trust Me to bring back whatever is truly part your wonderful new future.

Expect more changes to continue My dear one, because I need to break you out of many old ways, and old familiar things that you have found much security in. The wilderness was never meant to be a long term home, it was only intended to be a place of change. You like the Israelites must now abandon your wilderness and enter into your promised land ministry.

You have done your best to make peace with your past, and that is enough, but now you must leave all of these old things in my hands only, and allow me to decide what can return. You are now stepping into a brand new phase of your life My love, so look no longer to what is behind, but rather keep your eyes focused ahead of you toward the new things I will bring.