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Listen To My Voice

My Child, do not believe the lies of the evil one. He has tried to tell
you that you have made a grave mistake by allowing Me to take you into
the wilderness. He has said that "You've wasted and ruined your life,"
that you are doomed, and that it is too late now to ever restore all
that has been dismantled. He spoke these same words to My children in
their tents in the wilderness long ago, and some of them wept in the
night, and I listened to their cries. They believed these lies that
demons magnified, and bitterly grumbled against Me.

I do not lead someone into the wilderness to die, but to live, and be
prepared to do great things on the Earth for My purposes and glory. I
transform you in the wilderness so that I can trust you with My power
and resources, so that you can help others selflessly, and powerfully.

I am the God of restoration, and although in your mind, you have wondered
how things could ever be restored after such apparent decimation, you
will see that My restoration and blessings are supernatural, and will
give you an end much greater than what you would have built on your own
back in Egypt.

Take heart, and remember how I have kept you miraculously in this
wilderness. I pulled you out of the world and fed you with My ravens
and secret waters. You asked Me for faith, so I put you into a position
where you could no longer meet your own needs in the natural, and you
were forced to trust Me. You did not go hungry, and you did not end
up homeless. I have cared for you.

Trust Me, that if I lead you into the wilderness that I have planned to
lead you out. The time you spend in the wilderness is up to you. If you
cooperate wholeheartedly with My Spirit, your time will be short. Do not
let the lies of the evil one enter your heart. Listen only to My voice.
Remember all the great things I have done for you in the past, and how I
brought you up out of Egypt and out of it's bondage and turmoil.

You have entered My rest, so continue to walk in what I have taught you.
Continue to trust Me, even though your circumstances seem to look like
you are a failure. I shut down the outside, so that I can work on the
inside. You needed to be as undistracted as possible, so that I could
bring you through this time of transformation much more quickly.

I love you; My words always give you peace and hope. Any other word has
not come from Me. You know My voice; listen to it, and keep your faith
as I lead you into your new place of service and blessing.