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Let The Offense Go Now
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Let The Offense Go Now

My dear one, you have held on to an old offense for far too long now and although you have made good progress in trying to let it go, you still keep thinking about it and allowing the pain, anger, and bitterness to flare up again. I would call you this day to let the wound go once and for all and to walk in the truth I have shown you concerning this matter. I saw what happened to you and I have also seen what you have done to other people, and yet I have forgiven you and even helped others to forgive your sin.

When you hold on to an offense it defiles your heart and then My love cannot flow through you as easily. I would also call you this day My child to release all the anger you have carried against Me. The evil one has lied to you and told you that I don't really care about you and that I do not treat you right. Remember my love that I am the same God that sought you out and saved you in your dire state, so why would I want to mistreat you? You must trust in my goodness and let go of all these lies.

This is your day to stand and to rise, and not a day to hang on to the pain of the past. It is time to come out of your prison of fear and unforgiveness and to walk forward in my love and mercy. Are you willing to let go of death and embrace life? I know that you want to. Only say the word and I will help you to do this. You cannot take your bitterness with you where I am leading you, so I would tell you again to release it and to walk forward with Me. Allow me to cover and heal your old wound My love and do not pick at it anymore. Your life begins anew when you choose to forgive.