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Keep Your Peace

My dear one, very soon I will be doing many wonderful new miracles in your life and things will become very busy with many new people wanting to be joined to you. I would encourage you today to take things slowly and to keep your peace at all times. It will appear that you will have much more freedom to make decisions and to help many, but you must wait and be patient with each particular situation and allow Me to instruct you in what to do. The evil one pressures, but My directions come with peace.

There will also be people that will come and try to distract and to steal what I have placed into your hands, but if you stay close to Me and spend time with Me every day you will have no problem identifying those whom I have given you and those who would hinder. Remember how Joshua was fooled by the Gibeonites and learn from it. Do not fear what you are about to face My loved one, because it is full of joy and blessing and I speak to you today to help you to make it through this time without suffering loss.