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Keep Your Hands On The Plow

My dear one, for many years now we have been plowing up the field of your life and heart together, so that all that hinders and distracts in it can be removed and a great bumper crop of fruit can be grown upon it. But I know that you have become a bit more weary than usual lately, and I also know that you have been more tempted than usual to look back and possibly take your hands off of the plow and find something else to do with your life. I would tell you this day My love to keep plowing and looking forward.

I want you to know My dear child, that I am and always have been very aware of all the challenges and problems that you have dealt with during this difficult time. I also know that these challenges have been quite severe at times, but this does not mean that I have forgotten or forsaken you in any way. Things had to be very limited during this time so that you would focus only upon preparing your field, and not on the usual cares of this world. Anything more added would have just slowed down your progress.

I realize that you have had to watch many people and opportunities pass you by on the sides of your field, and some of these things were very important to you. But I also know that what I have planned for you ahead will be well worth it in the end, not only for you, but for many I want to help through you. Rather than focusing upon what you were denied, I want you to focus upon all of the good things that I have created in you and set you free from. These are eternal treasures that can never be taken from you.

How many obstacles can we afford to leave in your field My love? If I rushed things and left them there it would not only hinder you later, but also anyone else who was working in your field. I am very thorough in what I do, so continue to be patient to the very end and you will be glad you did. It has been your spiritual development that has been most important all along. So rejoice, for a great crop will be grown on the field of your life. Keep your hands on the plow and looking forward, for soon you will be done.