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Keep Trusting Me

My dear one, you have been working and waiting for some things from Me, and you have been tempted to give up because you have not seen them come to pass for so long now. But I would tell you to keep trusting Me, and to not give up because your breakthrough will come very soon if you keep working and waiting patiently. My most precious gold comes only after much searching and digging, but you will soon find it.

These times are like labor pains, and you will just have to keep pushing because in good time this thing will indeed be birthed into this world. Your promise is real and just like a human baby that you cannot see but still exists even before it is born, so your promise is just as real even though you have not seen it born yet. So keep looking to Me and it will come to pass because I have declared it would be so very very long ago.

You do not need to keep striving because I have heard you, and what I would require of you this day is just to fully repent, to fully forgive people, and to seek Me more in prayer so that you can learn to hear My voice better. It will be your full readiness and complete cooperation that opens the door for these miracles, not your worrying. So keep trusting Me and soon you will see the fulfillment of these long awaited promises.