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Keep Sailing Straight

My dear one, you have reached a place in your journey where you cannot see what lies ahead of you, and I would call you this day to just keep walking forward and I will guide your steps to the right place that you need to arrive at next. Though you may feel blind right now with little direction, I can see where you are at and where you need to go, so trust Me to lead you even though you cannot currently see the path ahead.

There will be times just like this where you will feel little leading or direction to know what to do next, but I will still call you to just walk in obedience and to trust in Me to be your eyes and ears when yours don't seem to be working. You have grown much in faith over the years, but there will still be times when I will test and purify your faith to make sure that it is still Me, and not your own understanding that you are trusting in.

Like a ship that enters the fog I would call you to just keep sailing straight right now and to trust Me to be your compass when you cannot see the way forward. Do not drop anchor because you are making good progress even though you may not see it. I know the course for your long journey ahead and I will guide your voyage as you trust Me. So My love, just keep sailing straight and you will arrive safely at your next port.