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Just You And Me

My dear one, all of your life you have been connected to and dependent upon certain people that I have used to help you, or used you to help them. But now you have reached a place of being a mature servant of the kingdom, and I want you to know and understand that all you need in life is Me alone, and together we can accomplish all that needs to be done.

If I add to, or take away people from your life it is always for a good reason, and some of these people you will want to hang onto, and others you will want to get away from, but you must accept those I send, and also those whom I take away, because My focus will always be to help you, and never to hurt you. Your spiritual growth will involve many different people.

So as you now take your first steps into this last great harvest of souls in the earth, I want you to keep in mind that it is just you and Me and whoever else I allow to be part of your life. Hold on to people very loosely, but hang on to Me very tightly, because I alone died for you and I alone am everything you will ever need. So remember My love, it is just you and Me.