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Just Because I Love You

My dear one, I am going to be blessing you and performing great miracles in your life in the days just ahead, and I wanted you to know beforehand that I do these things not because of your efforts or righteousness, but simply because I love you. Also I want you to know that I am not limited in any way by your age, your problems, or any other circumstance of your life, and I can do things simply because I choose to do so. There are no restrictions for Me, so expect Me to do not just the ordinary, but the very extraordinary. I can make your life anything I want it to be, so nothing is ever too late.

I delight in blessing you dear one, and even as I have had you bear the reproaches of going through the humiliating circumstances of the wilderness in front of many people that misjudged you in various ways, so I also enjoy blessing you in front of those same people so that I can honor you and show Myself faithful to all who wait for My help. Your very reproaches will be turned into great testimonies after I act on your behalf, and what was once an embarrassing burden to bear, will now become a great trophy of My goodness and faithfulness to all those who serve Me with a whole heart.

I have heard you say in your heart "All I ever get are prophetic words, but nothing ever seems to happen". I give you prophetic words to encourage you in the truths that I have spoken so that you will continue to embrace My truth in challenging times. My words are just as true now as they were when I first spoke them, but sometimes there is much preparation involved before I do something in your life that will require great responsibility and accountability on your part. So know that the miracles I now do are just because I love you, and know also that I am not limited in what I can do for you.