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"It's Your Time"

My dear one, you have been stuck with an impossible problem now for many years and you have had to bear much reproach because of people judging you and telling you that this problem is somehow all you fault. I would tell you this day My loved one that this problem is not your fault and that it is your time to get this reproach off of your back and to finally get free. This challenge was only allowed in your life to teach you and to humble you so that you would have compassion toward others with this similar problem, it was never meant as a punishment. The evil one has tried to exploit this area to condemn you, but I am going to use this very problem as a foundation for a ministry that helps many others who are trapped in it just like you were to get free.

So do not fear my loved one, for even though this problem has hung around your neck like a millstone for so many years, I am now going to turn it into a badge of honor and send you out with My power to set other people free who are crying out to Me for deliverance just like you were for so many years. Rejoice this day and believe Me, for your time has finally come to be set free from this heavy burden and you will live free of it for good. I will also vindicate you before the very people that judged and ridiculed you. I have kept a close eye on you all of these years and I have heard every prayer that you prayed for deliverance. So though it has seemed like forever, your time has fully come to be set free and what was once your shame will now become your fame.