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It's Time To Change
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It's Time To Change

My dear one, you have reached the point in your wilderness where many things will be changing at once and it is important that you see and understand that these changes are coming from Me. You have become familiar and satisfied with the little you have survived on in the wilderness, but now it is time to fight for and receive the fruit and blessings of your promised land. It is time to let go of the security you cling to with the lesser, and to embrace the greater that I want to give you through change.

As I lead you forward I will remove the support that was there for the old and pour fresh grace upon the new, so be looking for both to start happening at once. Let go of your preconceived notions about how you think I will do things and just trust in My goodness. Everything that I do is always for someones good and never for their bad, so even if you do not understand a change that is taking place do not just reject it, but rather pray about it and follow My peace. I tell you again My love, it's time to change.