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It's Time for Great Battle and Abundant Harvest
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It's Time for Great Battle and Abundant Harvest

My dear one, you have labored hard over the years allowing me to change you and to prepare you for both battle and harvest, and behold that day has come for not just you, but for all of my Body. I place now My sword in one of your hands, and My sickle in the other, and I would tell you this day to go forth into battle to conquer and to reap My harvest at the same time. This is the day where all that you have sown will come back to you many fold and everywhere you look there will be both battle and harvest and you will marvel at the great victories and super-abundance of fruit that will come.

I have given you My rod of authority to lead and to conquer and accomplish all that I command you to do in the earth, so go forth and do not be afraid or dismayed. I am looking over My battle plans right now and I am assigning my children places to conquer and to reap at the same time. I am delighted to bring you into this time of great victory and abundant harvest my child, and I have been preparing you all of your life for this very moment in history. Though you may feel weary and spent, though you may not feel ready, I will do and be all that you need to do and be in this great day.

But I would admonish you my dear one to keep your robe extra clean in this day, for many more eyes will be watching you and many more ears will be listening to you. I would call you to walk as one with your brothers and sisters and to let Me fill you up with My fresh love and power every day. You must come to Me as your Commander and Lord of the Harvest every day for fresh orders and fresh instructions as to how to proceed. Rejoice and be glad my cherished one, for this is the day of great victory and great harvest, and everywhere you look you will see great success in all that you do.