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It's Not Over Yet!
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"It's Not Over Yet!"

My dear one, I know you are going through a difficult time right now and you are being tempted to compare your life to other peoples lives and look at what other people do or do not have compared to you, but I would tell you this day my child, "It's not over yet!" You have been speaking of things as though they are finished and they are not. Just because you have not broken though to the other side do not think that it will never happen because it will. But you must hang on right now and not give up!

Your life has been very different from other peoples lives so it is a mistake to compare yourself to others. You have been set apart and like Abraham and Sarah you have walked by faith and followed a course that I have set you on. You have a greater blessing than other people so do not allow the lies of the evil one to lead you into doubt and depression. Praise and give thanks to Me and you will come out of this dark time as you reaffirm your trust in Me and hang on to everything I have told you.

You are on the verge of the greatest breakthrough in your life My love and just because someone digs a big long tunnel doesn't mean that they give up just before they finally break through to the other side. Just a few more strikes with the pick and you will see daylight. Your joy in breaking through to your blessing will be much greater than the gloom you are now in. Get up my love and push through to the other side! Your greatest victory comes when you absolutely refuse to give in to defeat!