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"It's Closer Than You Think"

My dear child, you have waited long and endured much to prepare for what I wanted to give you and do through you, and now you stand at the threshold of its revealing. I know that you are afraid to believe even one more time because you are afraid of being disappointed, but I would tell you this day that your blessing is closer than you think. Though you cannot see it, it is standing right in front of you and will soon appear so be ready and believing when your day of breakthrough arrives, for it is right at your door.

This blessing will change everything about your life in a moment and one day your life will be one way, and the next day it will all be different. You will remember this old life but it will be like a dream to you compared to the many new things I will be doing. Be of good cheer this day My child and be depressed no more, for I am the God of sudden changes, and suddenly everything is about to change for you for the better. Only remember all that I have taught you and continue to be humble and obedient