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I Will Vindicate You
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"I Will Vindicate You"

My dear child, you have reached your day of restoration and blessing and I will be vindicating the work that I have done in your life before those who have wrongly judged and accused you. But I want you to remember this day my dear one that it is I who will vindicate you and that you should not rise up in your own power or strength to try to justify yourself in front of your accusers. I would call you to wait and be silent even though you could stand up on your own behalf and say that I told you so. Allow Me to be the one who makes things right and remain in a state of love, humility, and grace.

Even My servant Joseph waited for Me to vindicate him even though he had the power to go and vindicate himself before his brothers, and I would call you to do the same thing this day. Remember that I even used what Joseph's brothers did to lead him into his destiny. There have been some people in your past that although they judged and rejected you unfairly, it pushed you toward the calling you now stand in today. So My love, be humble and gracious when I vindicate you and forgive your accusers. I have seen your sacrifice and obedience and now I will allow all to see it.